The students in the spring semester of Writing Workshop created the following slang dictionary.
  • ballin’ (ball-in) v. when something cool happens. Example – We were ballin’ last night. (Amanda L.) 
  • bling (bl ing) - n. any (shiny/diamond) ornaments for personal adornment.   Example – That’s some nice bling you've got there!.  Etymology – Teens starting using this word in the 20th century.  Antonyms – ring pops, beaded necklace (Jordan S.)
  • dang (dang-ge’) interjection. A common phrase used.  ExampleDang, that boy looks good.  (Amanda L.) 
  • dawg (daw-g) -n. what someone calls a close friend.   Example – Hey dawg, what’s going on tonight?  Etymology – 20th century American teenagers began using this word.  Synonyms – uncool. (Jessica K.)
  • dope (dow-up) adj. hot or cool.  Example – This summer is going to be dope.  Etymology – American teens began using this word in 2001.  Synonyms – good; nice (Fabiola L.) 
  • fantastical (fan-tas-tic-al) -adj. Something great or something you like.   Example – That movie was  fantastical.  Etymology 1960s and 1970s hippies (Kasey K.)
  • fo shizzle (fō-shiz_el) -interjection. teens usually asy this when a friend asks them to hang out or go somewhere.   Example – Hey man.  Hey want to go to the park?  Fo shizzle man.  (Jessica K.)
  • groovy (groo-vey) -adj. cool or fun.   Example – This pizza is groovy.  (Kasey K.)
  • hops (h-o-p-s) -. The equivalent of jumping.   Example – Kurtis, you have mad hops on the basketball court.  (Kurtis N.)
  • jive (jī-ve) - adj. to be really nice.   Example – That is a jive turkey.  (Nick M.)
  • LOL (el ow el) -. Laugh out loud.   Example – I so LOL.   Synonyms – hysterical; funny (Jake M.)
  • neden () -n. cool.   Example – That girl was so neden.  (Brandon D.)
  • noob (nōōb) n. a person with a lack of intelligence.  Example – You’re such a noob at this game.  (Chris B.) 
  • poned (pō-ewnd) - adj. to beat someone at a game and to have no questions about who one.   Example – I poned you.  (Nick M.)
  • rad (ra-d) - adj. very cool; awesome.   Example – The color pink is very rad.  (Samantha S.)
  • ride (rī-de) - n. A car or vehicle.   Example – Hey guy, check out my ride.  Synonyms – vehicle; car (Nick M.)
  • rock him (r-o-c-k h-I-m) -. To fight another person and hit him hard.   Example – Kurtis, go rock him in the jaw.  (Kurtis N.)
  • shake n bake (sh-ache en b-ache) v. something friends say.   Example – Dude, shake n bake.   Synonyms – cool; awesome (Jake M.)
  • threads (the-reds) -n. clothing.   Example – I like that guy’s threads.  Synonyms – gear. (Josh D.)
  • thurr (thurr) - adj. A location other than here.   Example – You can park your car over thurr.  Etymology – language has changed very much over time.  In the 20th century, teens use slang more often.  Teens started using this word in the 2000s.  Antonyms – here (Jordan S.)
  • tight (t īght) -adj. an expression used to say something is totally “sweet”.   Example – That was so tight!  Etymology – 20th century American teenagers began using this word.  Synonyms – awesome; sweet.  Antonyms – uncool. (Chris E.)
  • tubular (tu-bu-lar) -adj. characterized by or consisting of tubes.   Example – That wave was tubular dude.  (Derek O.)
  • whip (we-h-i-p) -. a car, or any kind of automobile.  Most of the time, the ride would be “tricked out”.   Example – I’m going to hop into my  whip.  Where is yours?  (Chris H.)
  • yo (yō) -interjection. A way of getting someone’s attention.   ExampleYo, “what” up man?  Etymology – 20th century American teenagers began using this word.  Synonyms – “what” up; ‘sup.  Antonyms – uncool. (Chris E.)

There won't be any more blogs this school year.  Don't forget to study for your final exams.  I hope you do well on them and enjoy your summer!!!


I did not like the ending of the book because Beth did not change at all, and everyone else did. Conrad has changed because his mental health has improved and I think that Cal has also changed, but Beth has not. Beth is the same as she was in the begining of the book. I was hoping that she would realize that one of her sons is dead but the other one is still alive, and she should take advantage of it.
If there was a sequel what do you think will happen? What will happen to Dr. Berger? What do you think will happen to Conrad and his Jeannine? Will Beth come back?
Do you think that Conrad will continue to see Dr. Berger and seek his advice in the future?
Reflection on Ordinary People

To be completely honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I think this is the kind of book that is intended to be easy to relate to your own life or feelings, but I couldn't relate to it in anyway. I could not understand the actions or thoughts of any of the characters. I disagreed with most of the things the characters said and did.

However, I enjoyed the actual writing of the book. I thought it was very well written and descriptive.

I disliked most of the characters, but I did really like Dr. Berger. His approaches were strange, but they worked very well for Conrad.
Do you think that Conrad will ever talk to or see his mother again after HER leaving him and his father?
What do you think Conrad was like before Bucks death? Did he have a healthy relationship with his mother?

     One thing that surprises me about our student body, especially when I reflect on my own high school experience, is that the vast majority do not show school spirit.  In an effort to increase school spirit, Student Council held a spirit week with a pep assembly, the Powder Puff football game and our first luau dance in May.  Our theme was tied into the luau but was also a way of saying good bye to the seniors.  During the week, the majority of students did not dress up for the various theme days.  But on the last day of the spirit week, we gave every student a lei.  Initially, several torn up leis were seen in the hallways; but the vast majority of students and staff wore their leis for the entire day.  During the pep assembly, we gave away lots of free items like pom poms and t-shirts.  We even shot the shirts into the crowd like at a basketball or hockey game and had a live band playing.  That seemed to get students on their feet. 

     The culminating event of the week, was the luau on Saturday.  Although seniors were given a free ticket, very few of them attended.  In fact, only about 200 students (out of a student body of 1900) came to the dance in spite of the fact that a catered snack buffet was part of their admission price.  But, the students who did attend had a lot of fun participating in the dance itself, the limbo contest, and the dance off.  Hopefully, next year, interest and enthusiasm will increase.

Why do you think Karen commited suicide?
Did Conrad have a reason to beat up Kevin Stillman?  Do you think Kevin provoked Conrad?
Do you  think that Con and his "girlfreind" will last long, and get into a serious relationship? Or is it just a little thing?
I Know this is a long time ago but, I still can connect with the context. Conrad is in Berger's office and they were talking about Buck's death. Conrad says, "A pigeon, dull-gray, lights on the cement windowsill. It pecks inquiringly at the window for a moment; then flies off"(43). Does anyone know what in means?
Do you think that Conrad's parents will dissprove of his girlfriend? Or do you think that Dr. Berger reccomands a girlfriend to keep his mind off of things?

Why is Beth such a witch? she acts like she does not care about her marriage or connie. The only thing she really cares about is her self image to other people.

Do you think Connie's mental health will improve or worsen? I think he will get better. His attitude is starting to improve and now that he is dating Jasmine he is more confident.
Do you think Connie should forgive Lazenby?
I think he should because him and Lazenby have been friends for a long time. I think he should forgive and move on.

Please choose one of the following options to answer as thoroughly as possible AND include your name and the hour you have English, BEFORE 3 p.m. Saturday in order to earn full credit for the week.

Option 1
Why do you think it is one of Magwitch's principal conditions that
Pip (his nickname) "always bear the name of Pip" in order to receive
his financial support?  Please support your answer with at least TWO EXAMPLES from the novel.

Option 2
In chapter 49, when Miss Havisham is set afire, do you believe that, given her state of mind, Dickens intends us to read this as an accident or a kind of penance/attempted suicide on her part for her cruelty to Pip and Estella?  Please support your answer with at least TWO EXAMPLES from the novel.

Please choose one of the following options to respond to as thoroughly as possible AND include your name BEFORE 3 p.m. Saturday in order to earn credit for the week.  Be sure to include SPECIFIC examples to support your opinion (if applicable).  Also, don't forget the additional comment requirements posted under the Directions link.

Option 1
Rewrite the ending of the novel.  You must write at least tow paragraphs, explain briefly the original part you're changing, include your rewrite AND explain why you are making those changes.

Option 2
Respond to one of the many questions posted by your peers OR post your own comment.  (If you have already responded to a particular question, you may not respond to it again).

Why does Beth treat Conrad so badly?  She doesn't seem to care about him at all.  What is causing the problems in their relationship?

What do you think is going to happen between Conrad and his new "girlfriend"? I think she might be able to help him get back in the swing of things and get his normal life back.
It is obvious that Jordon's death, no matter what caused it, had a great iMpact on Conrad's life.  Death is a funny thing and can make people misjudge a situation.  Conrad's dECiSion to try and kill himself is only a cry for help out of the situation he was put in after his brothers death.
Why do you think that Conrad isnt as close with his mother? Do you think that she caused something to make him commit suicide?
Why is Calvin acting the way he is? Do you think it's because of his wife not showing care for her son? Or maybe does he just want him to have the best?
What's up with the fact that all of Conrad's friends are the children of his parent's friends? Who do you think started the friendship: Conrad or his parents?
What do you think happened to Jordon?  How do you think he died?
Also, Why was Conrad in the hospital, what happened to him?  Do you think he tried to kill himself
Conrad is very upset about something. I believe that he was affected by his brother's death somehow and he does not know how to express himself when it comes to his parents. So in his parents eyes they are failures. The only way Conrad is going to get help is if he opens up to people. Even in school he does not explain himself. So, do you think that if he opens up, he will get better?
Why do you think Conrad's mother is so distant for her son?
Mrs. Jones this is for you....

Why every book we read so far is that one of the characters in the play screwed up in a way. As Hamlet was crazy over Ophelia for some reason, and in the Joy Luck Club with that mom goes psycho because she dropped her kids off in the middle of the jungle. Now were reading Ordinary People with Con who is very depressed and wants to end his life. I am just wondering :)))

what was up with Karen I think i might have missed it. Anyone want to fill me in?

Please choose one of the following options to answer as thoroughly as possible and include your name and the hour you have English BEFORE 3 p.m. Saturday in order to earn credit for the week.

Option 1
In Stage 2, Pip leaves his family behind to become a gentleman.  Do you think he lives up that title, in other words, does he successfully become a gentleman?  Please support your assertion with AT LEAST TWO (2) EXAMPLES from Stage 2.  These examples must be direct quotes and must be properly cited in MLA style.

Option 2
Which one of the characters is most like you?  Which one of the characters is least like you?  Please support each of your answers with AT LEAST ONE (1) EXAMPLE from Stage 2.  These examples must be direct quotes and must be properly cited in MLA style.

NOTE: Don't forget about the additional blog comments you need to post BEFORE the end of the semester.  Click on the link under "Directions" for more details. 

Please choose one of the following options to answer as thoroughly as possible and include your name in order to earn credit for this week.  *Remember, you must support your answer with specific, properly cited examples from the novel.

Option 1
How is Conrad's quest for a sense of self complicated by his family, his friends, and his teachers?

Option 2
How does Conrad view himself when he first starts seeing Dr. Berger?

Please choose one of the following questions to answer as thoroughly as possible and include your name in order to earn credit for the week.

Option 1
Which character from Hamlet is most like you?  AND which character from the play is least like you?  In your answer, you must include at least THREE character traits supported by examples from the play for each character you choose and then compare and/or contrast those traits with yourself?

Option 2
If you could jump into Hamlet at any part of the play, which scene would you choose and why?  How would your participation in the play change the rest of the plot?  NOTE: Please try to avoid surface answers like "I would enter this scene because it was boring and I would make it fun".

Please choose one of the following options to answer as thoroughly as possible BEFORE 3 p.m. Saturday in order to earn full credit for the week.  Also, be sure to include your name and the hour you have English in your answer.

NOTE: While you may not know who all of these characters are today, you should be able to identify all of them by the time we finish reading Stage 2.

Option 1
List the kinds of jobs you think are at the "top of the ladder."  Now, list jobs you think are at the bottom.  Do the jobs we have reflect our social status?  Answer the previous questions from your perspective AND then choose two characters from the novel and answer the questions from their perspectives.  Choose from the following: Pip, Biddy, Joe, Miss Havisham, Estella, Belinda Pocket, Herbert Pocket, Able Magwitch, Mr. Jaggers, and Mr. Wemmick.

Option 2
What are your thoughts on true love?  Does it really exist?  Answer these questions from your perspective and from the perspectives of THREE of the following characters: Pip, Biddy, Joe, Mrs. Joe, Miss Havisham, Estella, Herbert Pocket, Compeyson, Arthur and Mr. Wemmick.

The picture looks like the lady is pooping out flowers. And she looks constipated like a clogged pipe. The two little girls are praying to the older lady. The constipated lady that looks like a man. There are a lot of colors in the photos, green, reddish-orange, white, yellow, and black. The lady is selling flowers to the little girls.


On this postcard it shows a table with fruit that is very colorful. This picture is very different than any other picture I have ever seen before. It reminds me of art and a painting that I did. In the picture there is a Table with plates and a bowl full of fruit. I looked as if the people were there and all of a sudden they just disappeared. This picture is a Different type of Art.

Frieda Kalo's Self -Portrait with Monkeys - 23

This picture is very strange. It shows one very ugly lady with dark black hair with a huge unibrow and a dark mustache and a plain look on her face. She is standing in front of a light green, brown, red-orange bush with orange, red, yellow, and blue flowers. The ugly lady looks like a Russian man. She has four equally ugly monkeys with black and white fur, looking scared.

Lady of confusion

The lady in the photo is just full of different expressions because you really don’t know what she thinking. Her face expressions show so much it’s like she’s sacred of what’s ahead of her. She’s holding an object very light to her hands and soft to her face. The body movement in the photo is very stiff to the bone and smooth like she’s walking on a cloud. Her skin to dark like the night sky and legs like the super model. The facts of the photo are here but you must put those together to figure out what this photo is.

This picture by wassily kandinsky is a very abstract drawing. The drawing is filled with many random shapes with a bright/dark range of colors. You can make many shapes out of the picture, it almost looks like a spiritual vision. This picture is very interesting and weird looking.

29 Kasey Klein


It is crazy photos of I don’t know what its yellow, orange and blue like the sea. There a strange eye looking thing in the middle it also has a lot of mismatch shapes with odd lines. It looks like a weird face. The photo is abstract. The entire point of this strange photo is the multi colored circle.

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