Here is the Simple Machines Review.  Click on the link below.

  • Multiplication Practice
  • Study for Simple Machines Test
  • Math Multiplication Practice
  • Our field trip is approaching fast!! Remember that students need to dress according to the weather because we will be outside all day!  Also, don't forget to bring a bag lunch and no GLASS!!
  • Here is what our day will be looking like: Crafts, S'Mores, Games, Lunch, Nature Hike and Relays!  It sounds like a great day!!
  • Math 8.7
  • Multiplication Practice
  • Multiplication Practice


  • Math 8.6
  • Practice Multiplication Fact Triangles!!
  • How many states are in the Pacific Region?  Name them and you can earn 20 Eagle Bucks!!
  • Social Studies Sheet
  • Multiplication Practice

I would like to thank the class for the beautiful flowers, balloon and chocolate!  I really appreciate it!  You are all so wonderful!!  Also, thank you to the parents for all of your support!

Mrs. Austin

  • Math 8.5
  • Practice multiplication fact triangles!!
  • What are the types of simple machines? You can earn 15 Eagle Bucks!!
  • Math 8.4
  • Bat paper due Monday!!  Make sure you follow directions!  Make sure you have 6 paragraphs.
  • Practice your multiplication!


  • Study for social studies test!
  • Practice multiplication


What does the numerator and denominator mean in a fraction???  Answer right and you will earn 10 Eagle Bucks!!
  • Math 8.3
  • Social Studies Sheet
  • Study for Social Studies Test
  • Multiplication Practice
  • Math 8.2
  • Practice Multiplication Fact Triangles
  • Study for Social Studies test Friday!!
  • Multiplication Notice!!!!
  • Please make sure that you and your child are practicing their fact triangles every night!  You will have to sign a sheet each night showing that your child has practiced their multiplication fact triangles.  The sheet is due every Monday!  Below I have attached the sheet if you lose it.  Keep Practicing!!

Social Studies test is Friday!  Make sure you study!

Click on the attachment below to print out review.

  • Math 8.1
  • Study for Social Studies Test!
  • Test is Friday!!
  • Study for Map Test
  • Math Review due tomorrow!!

Did you like reading Strega Nona?  Why or Why not?


What is Strega Nona like?  Describe her.

  • Math 7.8
  • Study for social studies map test on Thursday!
  • Science
  • Practice your multiplication facts!!
Welcome back!!  Hope everyone had a great spring break!  Just a note, there are only 40 days left of school.  Let us make the last days great!  Keep working hard because you are all almost 4th graders!!! 
I hope that everyone has a great spring break!!  Happy Easter!!
  • Mobile due tomorrow!!


  • Math 7.7
  • Math 7.3:  Have fun playing multiplication bingo with your parents!!
  • Practice your multiplication!!
  • Math Multiplication Practice 6's
  • Math 7.1 and 7.2
  • Science: Simple Machines Sheet

What are some characteristics of folktales??


Poetry contest is tomorrow!  I can't wait to see Chris, Julia and Marissa present their poems!  They sound great and have been working hard! 

  • The poetry contest is at 9:05 tomorrow!
  • Study for Science tomorrow!!!
  • Bring in book log tomorrow!!
  • Science worksheet on Tools


  • Read and log in reading
  • Reading log due tomorrow!!
  • Study for science test on Friday!!

Congratulations to the students who will be in the poetry contest!!!

Our classmates Julia, Chris and Marissa will be competing in the annual poetry contest!!  We are all so proud of them!  GOOD LUCK!!!

I would also like to congratulate all of the students in class for presenting a poem to the class.  All students did a wonderful job and I am so proud of them!!!


  • Study for science test on Friday!
  • Read and record on book log
  • Book log on Thursday!!
  • Study for Science Test!!
  • Math 6.11
  • Read for book log and book log is due tomorrow!!
  • Homophones packet
  • Make sure that you study for the science test!!
  • Test is Friday, March 31st!!


  • Math 6.10
  • Read for reading log
  • Study for Social Studies Test
  • Math 6.9
  • Reading Log
  • Study for Social Studies Test!!
  • Make sure that you study!! The test is Thursday, March 23rd!!
  • Reading Log due tomorrow!!!
What is the elevation of Mount Elbert???
  • Math 6.8
  • Keep reading for March is reading month!!
  • Math 6.7
  • Keep reading and recording in your book log!!
  • Math 6.6
  • Math Multiplication Sheet
  • Make sure that you keep reading for March is reading month!  Keep logging your reading each night!


  • For extra credit, print out the multiplication sheets provided on this web page and complete.  Go to math section to get the sheets.  Bring it in on Monday and get extra credit in math.  It is also great practice!!!
  • Study for map test!!
  • Read for book log
  • Finish in class work! Due Monday


  • Here are some multiplication problems to practice!!
  • Click on the link below to open document!!