The Ultimate Gift


# 31

Final response



I love that the book had some great ideas about gifts especially the gift of work because it Jason a great lesson that he has to do something in the world. I would most definitely recommend the book to others and family members because it is a great book. The author talks about this book very well and it also teaches everyone a good lesson. I also can get right through all of the gifts clearly. Mr. Stovall said that if he didn’t become blind he was going to be a professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys. He also said that what he would do if he would have 24 hours to see, he said he would spend it with his family and friends. If he would have 24 hours to live he would take his family and they would go out to a football game spending time together. He told us that there will be a couple of sequels like the Ultimate Life, and the Ultimate Adventure.

                                                                                    Cameron Magro #25

Final Response writing


            On March 6, 2005 the whole 7th grade class spoke with the author of the “Ultimate Gift” through a video conversation in the school library. This was a great experience in which I believe I learned more stuff about the book and how it was created than any internet source in the world.  

I enjoyed the experience a lot because it’s one thing to just read the book and think the author’s good, it’s another thing to actually have a video conversation with him and learn stuff about the book that others cannot. I learned what it’s like being blind and how to cope with it. I also learned what the thoughts we’re behind the book and how Jim Stovall’s blindness hasn’t really affected his ability to write.

I liked being able to see what the other school’s questions were and whether they based their questions on Jim Stovall’s life,  or whether they based their questions about the book. If I had more time with Jim I would ask him questions about what it’s like listening to a book every day of every year because even if I could do that I don’t think I would be able to sit there and listen every day. I would also like to talk with him about what it takes to become an author. I’ve always liked to write and put my thoughts down on paper, but I don’t think I could write a book that long. It’s too many thoughts, periods, and words for me.

 Personally my favorite gift is the gift of friendship. When I see someone walking down the street with no one beside them it makes me feel kind of sad because everyone deserves a good friend. Like in the story when Ted gave Red Stevens his left kidney so he could live, that shows what great friends can do and how much they can bond together.

Overall I believe the video conversation was a great experience because our 7th grade class could have just read the book and done a measly old book report, but instead we got to have a video conversation with the author. Also, the experience taught me a lot about life and how you should never take it for granted. In the end I believe the video conversation was an awesome way to understand the book better as well as the author.       

Kirstin 4

                                      The Gift of Money


   The most important gift so far is The Gift of Money. Jason learned the value of money. This is a very important gift on this story.


  In this chapter, Jason learns the gift of money. Everyone should learn this, and everyone should know these things. In this chapter Jason learned more, I think, than any other gift so far. I also think that I relate to this chapter because I sometimes take money for granted. I think the lesson was to not be selfish and to remember that money means more than shopping and your family paying for things you want. What really surprised me was that Jason added $300 of his own to help someone. I think that Jason learned his lesson in this chapter.


  Those are the reasons that I think the gift of money is the most important in this book. To me everyone needs to learn the lesson that Jason learned.





I think that the long distance learning was very fun. I think we should change to everyone asking and receiving an answer for his or her question I can’t wait to do the long distance learning again.





What I liked about the long distance learning was that I could show all the people how I feel about the book.  The book it self was one of the best books that I have ever read, because you got to learn that you should appreciate what you have.  What I like about the blog was that you got to see how and what other people thought of the book, and maybe learned new was of seeing they way the book was written

              The distance-learning project I did with Mr.Stovall was my first.

Distance-learning to me is a very good way to come in contact with someone, It was fun talking to the author and tell us about himself. It was to short and there was only a few questions since most of them were said already. I can’t wait till book two and the movie come out that Mr.Stovall said. It was a very good experience and I hope to-do one again. Overall I liked the project very much and I had no disappointments but the repeating questions.




When we saw Jim Stovall I liked when we actually got to see him and talk to him. I liked how we got all of are questions answered. I also liked when we got to ask him are questions and the other school did too. So we got to see them and here there questions. One thing I didn’t like is how we only got to ask 2 questions I think we should of got to ask 3 because are class didn’t get to ask that many questions so that’s one thing I would change. I liked most of everything we did except the part that we only got to talk to Mr. Stovall for about 20 minutes. So I would diffidently do that again!

       I liked the way every thing turned out .The book was good and the


assignments were easy. However, I think all of the schools that participated


should have done the same amount of work. We did a lot more work than the


other schools, and there’s nothing wrong with that but then we read the same old


writing every time. I think that all the teachers should have given out one


assignment and all the schools do that assignment. All in all I liked the way


everything turned out.


     I really enjoyed our distance learning. I thought it was a great experience and I would love to do it again. I thought it gave me a better prospective of the book. I thought it was neat to here his thoughts about the book. When the kids from the other school asked their questions I thought they each had a different idea of the book .The book had so many lessons and different situations that taught the ways of life. I would love to do this again. It was not only fun but also a very good experience.




What I liked about the long distance learning was that we could express what we thought and wanted to know about the book. I really like the book. It gave me some real life tips. Like don’t just think about yourself and think outside of the box for others. The book was one of the best books I ever read. It had a lot of meaning and taught a lot of people to always respect one another and care for others. I loved the book it was the only book I followed threw on.

The program was good I liked being able to see and hear the kids from the other schools.  I didn’t like the clearness or the speed of the program.  It still was good for the most part.



I thought that the distant learning was a good experience to meet the author and talk about the book with the author. What I did not like is that I could not meet Jim Stovall in person. It was just as good to talk to him and ask him thoughtful questions about his good book that he wrote about the gifts. It is cool that you can talk to other schools far away from you. I hope that we do this again soon.





Dear Lilith,

I love you with all my heart even know we’ve had rough times together. That’s why I give you the gift of love. I ‘m only hard on you because I mean well. We only do the best we can. Never give up on your kids in the future. Someday you will see that you have to be hard on your child or children but in the end they will always love you, like I love you. So be nice to every decent soul you meet. See your beautiful face in another lifetime. I hope you do the same as I did.





                                                                    Mom/Angelica Gabrielle B

The Gift of Gratitude

Dear Ryan,

            I think that the gift of gratitude is one of the most important gifts. It is because people let you borrow their things and you can pay them back by doing something good back to them. An example of showing gratitude is when you borrow someone’s car and you use a lot of the gas. You would show your gratitude by filling the gas tank up when you give it back. This is very important to do if you want to borrow things because no one will want to lend their things out if you do not show gratitude. I think it is rude if you do not show gratitude because they are nice enough to lend something out to and you do not appreciate it by repaying them. The way you can use this in real life is by showing gratitude all the time and being able to get help by people and borrowing things.

Chapter 16

            Jason had just left Mr. Hamilton’s office and walked out of the building. He was thinking about how he could show the world what his Uncle Red showed him. He had all the money to do it but didn’t know how too. After about a year of following the gift and telling his friends and family about the gift he decided to make a web site. Jason posted the site and put the video of his Uncle Red on there but changed some of his wording. In about a month Jason checked to see how many people viewed the site. Jason said,” I am amazed at how many people viewed the site.” He left a message box for people to leave messages for him. There were 15,821 messages for him telling him that people were following the steps. He was shocked the 15,821,998 people had viewed the site. That shows that one person can change the world.

Dear Ian,


  When I heard that you saw a man that needed some help and you just walked right passed him without saying anything. I was very disappointed in you when I was a little boy and when I saw a person that needed my help I helped them. I am sure that when a person at school help you when you need the help you feel like you need to repay them by doing something for them. When you are at home and your mom asks for you to do something for her you do it. And my Question for you is why didn’t you help that old man when it is just like helping your mom. I am sure next time you see a man or any body that need’s help you will help them. In the future this will help you by not being selfish or greedy and the people by doing volunteer work and not being paid. When you are a dad and your child needs some work on helping others just write him a letter like I am doing for you. And get your friends to help others so you can do things much faster than with just one person.



                       From, me   


          Dear Karli,

In life you will receive many gifts, but the gift you are lacking is the gift of Gratitude. You want and ask for so much and I feel as if it is my duty to get you what you need. But for the past couple of weeks I have been realizing that the things you want are not the things you need. Ever since you have turned 14 everything has changed, you have been wanting and asking for everything. Gratitude means thanks. And when I give you the things you want you don’t say “ Hey thanks mom” or anything like that. And I feel like you are taking advantage of your father and me.


          I hate to bring your sister Kayla into this but she is 17years old and asks and wants as much as you do. But, you want to know the difference between you and Kayla is that Kayla says  “ Hey mom thanks a lot for that”! And I am not comparing you to Kayla at all, I am just saying Kayla has learned the gift of gratitude and you Karli have not, and that is fine that’s why I am telling you this and not later. Honey I love you so much and I don’t at all want you to be upset with this letter at all. I am simply opening your eyes.


                                       Love, Mom



 Dear  Austin,

   Some people are born into wonderful families others have to find or create them.

     I think there comes a time in every young girls life where they need to learn a lesson in family I’m telling you this now before its to late. Family means love, discipline, and respect. Family takes time you need to understand each other and have a lot of patience. You both need to have a loving kind heart to teach and learn from each other. I want you to know so you  don’t think your making a mistake of who you marry. If you feel you don’t trust them or have to time about it I think you can do better because a family doesn’t need to think about trust. When I got in this family we have today I knew that I would go though hard and easy times and thinking about everything today makes me not want to change anything in my life you guys are my life and I want you to feel the same way about yours please take time and think about what we talked about and think about how you be with your family and remember always be happy with what you do.




Dear Maddy,

When I was your age I was just like you, I didn’t

like to do work. Then one day in Mrs.Cohen’s class we

were reading a story called The Ultimate Gift.

There was this boy named Jason Stevens who’s great

uncle just died so the relatives were getting things

left in the will, and Jason got the ultimate gift.

The very first gift was the gift of work, in this

chapter Jason has to learn the quality of work. When

he reported he said that he learned a job worth doing

is a job worth doing right.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I realize I

have to tell you 5 or 6 times to redo cleaning up. If

you did it right you would have more free time. Good





BY: Joe Smith



            Jason just left Mr. Hamilton’s office. He is just thinking about his dreams and how he is going to make them come true. He has got all the gifts to do that and he wants Red Stevens to be proud of him.

            After awhile Jason has gotten into the papers. They talk about how he is spreading his gifts and helping kids and adults with there problems. He is showing how all these gifts can change them and show them the way.

Jason is a changed man and he is making all his dreams come true. He still goes to see all his friends that he met through his journey. He went in the past month and had lunch with Mr. Hamilton and Mrs. Hastings. They asked him about how his work is doing and everything else he has been doing over the past few months. After the beautiful day with those two he saw another person he has cared about. He saw the little girl with cancer and she had another anything you want day and she invited him. As they sat in the park he told her about how he is helping the world. The little girl told him how she is doing well and she has been having the best time of her life over the past few months. They talked until it got dark and she had to leave. That little girl died the next day in her sleep. Jason cried, he was really sad that one of his best friends has left his life. Jason was invited to the faunal. In her will she said my heart goes to my best friend Jason. To show that he cares Jason named the park after her and he hopes that all her dreams came true through her life. 

The End

                                                            The Last Chapter

After Jason left Mr. Hamilton’s office, he went home and cried. He cried because he didn’t have his uncle Red with him to celebrate his gift. But he new that if his uncle was alive, that he would not have the ultimate gift.


                        The next morning, Jason woke up and made a lot of food for breakfast. Because the previous night, he had invited Mr. Hamilton to come over for breakfast. He gladly accepted. “Ding-dong”, rang the doorbell. “Good morning Jason” said Mr. Hamilton. I’m am very glad you called. After they ate, they went to the Red Stevens House for Boys orphanage to tell the boys the bad news. The boys were very sad that Red Stevens had died. After that he went to his parents house to apologize about all of the pain that he caused them. But it was to late, the day after the reading of the will, Jason’s parents filed for divorce. “ WHY”, Jason screamed. “ It was because we had an argument about what we were going to do with the money.


                        A few weeks after that Jason went back to his mom’s house to try to re-construct their relationship. On the way home, Jason was deciding what he should do with some of the extra money that Red Stevens gave to him. He went to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner. He brought his new girlfriend with him. The next day Jason went to the pet store to by a dog. He bought a chocolate lab. He decided to name him Rufus. He also decided to by a brand new house.


                        Three months, two weeks, and six days later. They moved in together, and Jason had asked Quentinia to marry him. “YES”, she screamed. They set the date for October 26th. The whole family was at the wedding. 10 years later they already had two children. And they lived happily ever after.




Dear Robin,
            Now that you are old enough to understand many complicated things, I would like to write you about the importance of family.
            Yes, you’re father and I love you dearly, and it is significant for you to know that. Though our love is something you should know that is not the point of this letter. Family is defined as ‘A group of people who are related to a person by blood’ but I completely disagree with that statement. You may be sitting here, reading this letter confused but please let me explain. It does not matter whom you are related to, it is the love you share with a person. When I was about your age I had a best friend whom I loved dearly. He was very kind and was always there for me, in times my family couldn’t. My friend became part of my family, and I still consider him as part of it today. As you can tell from my story, your friends can become a part of your family. They are just as important as your relatives, so latch onto them.
            I hope you understand the importance of this gift you have been blessed with, and use wise judgment in the future. I love you, and I hope you know that.







A long time ago there was a boy that was 9 named Frank. Frank live in Michigan on the streets he ended up on the streets because he got separated from his family in a Kmart and then they left and then they realized that they had left someone in Kmart it was Frank. So when they got back to Kmart they looked everywhere for him but they never found them yet. So one day the boy was walking the streets in Michigan. When I William was taking a break from checking papers in my school. I said, to the kid isn’t past your bed time and he said I don’t have a home so then I said really, then come with me and I will give you a bed to sleep in to night. So you wont be cold to night, and then he came with me and on the way I said hey kid what’s your name and he said Frank. Then he asked me where are we going and I said to my school. You work in a school said Frank and I said yea I do I’m a teacher. Then Frank said that’s cool! So then we went into the school and directly into my classroom where there was a really hard math problem on the board that my whole class couldn’t even solve the problem. Frank said oh a math problem I love math and solved the problem in seconds and I said that’s amazing. So I wrote him a couple more problems and he still solved each of them in seconds and so I thought and thought and finally got the strength to tell frank with a little help from me you just might be one of the smartest kids in the world. Frank was amazed that I said that. So to this day I’m teaching Frank to be one of the smartest kids and to go into a competition for the smartest kids in the world. Oh yeah I also helped Frank find his family they were so happy to finally be reunited together after a very long year. Then they thanked me for every thing I did.

                                                                             Told bye,





      Once again as Jason Stevens left Mr. Hamilton’s office knowing it was the last day that he would of seen Red Stevens, his Uncle, but also knowing that it wasn’t the last time he would be in that same office. With 1 billion dollars, a new way of life, and a good attitude he set of to change the world as we know it with his gift.


      First he decided to open up a home for the homeless. Making sure that all homeless adults had a room with a bathroom kitchen and a place to sleep. Then he upgraded the home for boys by making sure they had toys and that they had the resources to learn the ultimate gift. He then made a center for people to take a yearly course to learn the ultimate gift. He then made the same course he offered a college course at 4 different colleges where he actually made it college credits. He then gave a portion of his money to a local charity fund and to the Salvation Army. He also gave part of the money to the home for boys again to buy the children clothes. He also made a home for orphan girls so that they had a place to go. He gave that place the learning tools for the ultimate gift and gave them college funds for their future.


In the end Jason Stevens gave so much to the community and very little to himself. He helped give the Ultimate gift to everyone he knew. He knew that all that he did would help the world understand life looking through the eyes of the ultimate gift.

The Gift of a Smile


            Few people know how much a simple action or gesture can affect someone’s life such as a smile. Many times a smile can brighten someone’s day or even make it! I’m going to tell you a true story my brother told me about when he was in high school.

            When my brother was in high school he had it all; friends, popularity, looks, a pretty girlfriend, sports, but he never was mean to anyone. When he walked down the halls he would wave to everyone he passed including the kids no one ever talked too. There was this one girl in particular that everyone made fun of and was mean to but my brother didn’t follow the crowd, and he was the one of the only people that smiled and said hi to her. He never really thought of what he was doing and just did it to be nice but to this girl this meant so much and was one of the best parts of her day just seeing that friendly smile. On one of the last days of school my brother received a note from this girl it said something along the lines of,

Dear Mike,

            You do not know how much you have done for me in these years at high school. Those warm kind smiles were the high point of my day and I always looked forward to them. You were the only person who always reached out to me and acted kind. Until I met you I was making plans to commit suicide but then you made me realize there is some kindness in this world worth living for. I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me.





As you can see a simple smile can change someone’s life so much without you even realizing it. If everyone just smiled at each other and acted a little nicer this world could be a much better place. For those who want a make the world a better place and make an impact in someone’s life for the better try adding a simple smile. 

Written By: Alex L’Esperance

Dear Alessia,


           Alessia I wanted to tell you in this letter about the gift of family. The gift of family you are fortunately blessed with. Some of the people in your family you think you may not need them now. It turns out that everyone needs his or her family. Some people need their family more then others. I love you and so does everyone in your family. Some people are born into great families others have to find and make their own.  You were born into an awesome family. Always remember your family. Your family should always come first. I always put you first. The gift of family you will understand now and when you have your family. Always remember to put your family first no matter what. I love you more then anything in the world please understand that. Family is everything.



                                            ~Love Always,~

                                            ~Your Mother~

                                           ~Jenna Kearns~ 







Ah what a fine day it is, “Knock Knock”, the door went. “Who is it?” Jeff said “room service”, a man went. “You got a letter”, the man said. “Thank you” Jeff opened the letter and saw it was from his parents, the letter said.



Dear Jeff,


                 Hi Jeff I hope you have been having a good time in Florida on your vacation, but there something urgent I have to tell you. You father had a heart attack two days ago and is unable to run the family farm; Jeff had a worried look on his face. The doctors said it would be awhile till he’s able to move, we cant doing anything without running the family farm things need to be done. We were hoping you could come back home to run the farm since your father has thought you everything.


Jeff as frozen “I hate work”, Jeff said to himself. There no way Im coming home to some stupid farm, I have better things to do. Yet Jeff had nothing to actual do, I don’t see why we even run this farm let alone me run it. Well I guess I have to.


Tomorrow ill call saying ill be arriving back in Ohio in three days, and so Jeff did and susscfully arrived back in Ohio. “Hi honey”, a woman’s voice yelled out. “Hi mom”, Jeff mumbled “Im glade you could make it”. Jeff rode back to the family farm with his mother and arrived to a old looking warehouse that was the core of the farm, the farms warehouse is were the cows were milked which was the only thing ever being done and I new I had to start the machinery back up for are clients that were with us need there milk. My father and me was the only on that new how to work everything on the farm and the machineries. I hated work so much that Im sure I never earned anything, yet I didn’t care much. “We need this farm up and going Jeff, do you thing you can do it?” “Yes, ill try if I don’t go insane”. Jeff started to push a few buttons here and there and magically the farm warehouse was powering load noise and sounds of fluid.


The next day there was 100 of gallons of milk made, Jeff actually felt happy I think he was starting to realized what work is about and how some simple tasks can make so much. Jiffs father was very proud of him wane he hurd the news of how the farm was going.


Chapter 16

   “Not that Jason Stevens has left lesson learning mode, he is not done until he uses his money in the best way possibly”.

    Now that Jason is leaving right in front of me I asked,” Steven are you going to continue all of the homes you now own. Yes, I am.”

     Jason is now at the Boys Home and one of the little boys came up to him and says,” I would like to go to the Library, so I can read more books then we have here.  Yes, says Jason, I would love to, bring all of your friends and we can read one big book.  The boy interrupted, I do not have any friends.  Well then lets go to the library now, is that ok? Yes, says the boy.” 

     At the library they went to the children section because the boy was only about eight years old, so Jason brings him to the children section.  The boy says,” What’re we doing here these books are to easy for me I read them all when my parents were around.  I can go to the adult section and read those books.”  So we went to the adult section.  Jason sat down next to the boy and asked,” Why do you not have any friends.  The boy answered, Well when all of the other kids where talking and going outside I was inside doing all of the work that was assigned, then after they came in they made fun of me, called me names and stuff.  So I decided I do not need any friends and now I am sad that I have nobody to talk to.  Jason said,  “Maybe you should help the understand there homework and go play with them, and be nice maybe they will like you”.  After they were done talking and went back to the Boys Home the day was almost over, so Jason helped the boy get ready for bed and while Jason was doing that the boy said,” I will try to get some friends and if I do not come backing a week that means I got friends and if I come back that means I do not have any friends.”

    Now it is a week later and the boy was nowhere to be seen.  Then Jason heard a big crowd coming down the hall and the boy was in the middle of the huge crowd of about 7 children.  They were all talking and having fun with each other.  Jason just smiled at the boy and he looked at the boy and he smiled back.  The little boy mouthed, Thank you for the help.  Jason just walked in the opposite direction going to the office room. 

Dear Daughter,


            I want you to learn about Money. I want you to learn about Money because even though you could be rich doesn’t mean you can take it for advantage. So handle your money well. Also if people are poor or need money or help you should help them cause it’s the kind thing to do. I hope you listened to me. Because this is a lesson you should really learn! Thanks for listing.




   Love is a very important thing for Jason to learn.   Jason learns that anyone can love.  Like I love my parents and my brother.  I don't know what I would do without them.  The make me laugh and make me feel beter when I don't feel good. Love makes us feel better and that is why it is important for Jason to learn how to love and what love is about. 

" After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

                                                                                                      -- Aldous Huxley

   There was only one more gift for Jason too complete. I would hate for him to have come so far and learned this much just too fail the last gift. He is supposed to come in in ten minutes. There was a knock at the door.

   "Come in."

   "Jason's here." it was Ms. Hastings. I got up and we went to the conference room. Jason stood up when we came into the room. He pulled out Ms. Hastings’ chair and went to sit down. Ms. Hastings then put the video tape in the VCR. Red’s face came onto the screen for the final time.

"Hello. Jason, you have come a very long way and I trust Ted enough to know that you did well. Now, don’t get over-confident. You still have one more gift. There are a few things in life that nearly always give you joy. One of these things is music. Now, Jason, I know you haven’t had any musical experience. You will have to perform in a middle school band and choir concert. You will go to the school every day for those two classes and have three private lessons with each conductor every week. I gave Mr. Hamilton instructions to schedule and instrument fitter to come and fit your mouth to and instrument. Good luck."

A knock came at the door. Ms. Hastings went and opened the door, "Oh, perfect timing Charles." A man came into the room who looked like her.

"I would like you to meet my twin brother Charles. He is the instrument fitter," Ms. Hastings said. Everyone exchanged greetings. "Jason, what instrument do you think you would enjoy playing?" Charles asked as he walked over to the chair nearest Jason. "I guess I will try the clarinet," said Jason. Charles handed Jason the clarinet mouthpiece. "First you curl your bottom lip over your teeth. Then you put the mouthpiece, reed down, in your mouth. And then you wrap your mouth around it like a rubber band and tongue with the tip of your tongue, and blow," explained Charles. Jason tried it and did it well. "Good job. Is that all you want to try?" "Yes," said Jason. "Ok then," I said. "Thank you Charles." Charles left. "Jason, you will be going to the Red Stevens Public School. Choir class is 12:30 to 1:30. Band class is 1:35 to 2:40. School ends at 2:40. After that you go back to the choir classroom for voice lessons. After that you will go to private band lessons. You will only go to your after school lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You are allowed to miss two of the after school lessons. If the directors think you have done well at the end of the month you will receive the ultimate gift. Here is $650.00 to buy a clarinet and reeds. Being a clarinetist myself I would suggest a Buffet clarinet and Van Duren #2 reeds. The best place to buy these things would be Woodwinds and Brasswinds."

Ms. Hastings led Jason out of the conference room and I went back to my office. I hoped Jason would be able to complete this gift. Learning to play the clarinet, read and sing music are not simple tasks. Ms. Hastings and I decided to attend the concert at the end of the month. The concert went surprisingly good for a middle school concert. After the concert we set out for the choir director. "Hello Mr. Hamilton, Ms. Hastings. It has been wonderful having Jason in class. My students considered it quite amusing having an adult in class. He can now read the music quite well," said the choir director.

"That’s great. Thank you for taking an extra student for a month," I said.

"It was no trouble. Now if you will excuse me, I must go and talk to some of the parents," she said.

The band director had about the same thing to say. We found Jason five minutes after talking to the band director. "Congratulations Jason. If you come to my office in the morning you will receive the ultimate gift."

It  has been 10 years since Jason got the ulitmate gift. Now he has helped with all the places his uncle gave him.He even inproved them, and Jason has build more charity buildings and place for teens to get help with their problem.To help Jason with all this stuff is his new wife and children.

I bet that you thought that the story was over but there is still one more gift left for Jason the gift of being a player. To get a girl to fall in love with you and then break her heart.  Make her think you love her and make her fall madley in love with you and the crush her heart. You need to devistate her poor little heart.

But Mr. Hamilton i canot go on with that i would feel horibaly for doing so to a woman i have allways treated the women with great respect. But i am sorry i geuess the fortan and all this time will just have to go to waste because there is no way in the world i will do that. not after what  happend to my own mother. well then jason i guess i will have to tell you to leave. WAIT! I will do it. ok then you have one week and on day 7 you must end it.

As jason left with gilt in his heart but determinastion in his mind he remembered that the lady across the hall from me had been after me for years and that she was the  perfect victome for me to gaine the money.. so i asked her to dinner that night. and then went to a movie. on day two i took her to a water park dispite how i hated water. and i felt that she had been falling for me. As day three came we went horsebackriding on the beach.Day four i said that i loved her. and then i knew i had her in my grasp. by day 5 she was  like a puppy in love. day six we had a picinic in the park. By day 7 i went to her house and told that we had to end it. as  i thought she busted into tears but hey i got my money know so forget her.

Well that is good for you Jason. But the whole catch of the gift is for you to remember abotu your mothers past life and turn down the gift so jason im  sorry  you dont get the gift... no other words just leave  THER END 

Its the year 2015 and Jason Stevens is a multi-billionare and he couldnt be happier. After the lessons he was taught 11 years ago, he learned to share with other people. he dontated most of the money he inherited. but he kept making money from the charities and the library, he had more then he could want. so jason wanted to do something BIG. Jason got the idea that he would buy an entire state. this state was the best state of all.everything was for people that had no job that had no way of getting money that had no hope in life. for poor people that needed a hospital, the bills were outragusly cheap. jason felt so good about it and he was the happiest man in the world.

   The last gift should be about relationships. Relationships is one thing in the world that you do need. People can help you get through hard times and to go to different things like dances and partys. People can also buy things like on an anniversity and other stuff.

One thing that jason could do for the relationships is that he would have to be in a relationship for at least 1 month and he would have to call her ever morning and buy her a ring and something for there anniversity. you have to trust that person and care for them alot.

My name is Jason Stevens.  15 years ago I inherited my Uncle Reds' charitable trust fund that is worth somewhere around one billion dollars.  Also my uncle Red put me in control of the Red Stevens Home for Boys, the Red Stevens Library program,  several scholarship programs,  hospitals,  and many other institutions. 

Since then I have learned how to help people out with money,  I have also learned that when you have a lot of money you can give to charity and do many things that you can't do when you're not so wealthy.  I think that completing the twelve tasks was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I wish that everyone could experience that feeling.  It sounded hard to complete at first, but after I completed each task I felt better and better about myself.

Since I have inherited all of these things I have been much more appreciative of the world, myself, and everyone around me.  Now I can understand how my Uncle Red was always in such a good mood and always realxed about everything.   I have learned a lot from the gift he gave me.


                  When one is hurt emotionally or physically, one must forgive, such is the phrase "forgive and forget."


I thought the Ultimate Gift with my friend Red Stevens was done and over with.  That is,until I and Miss Hastings were searching through the storage room , and found another folder labeled, 'my final gift.'  I looked at it for a few moments, sighed, and told Miss Hastings to call Red's nephew, Jaon Stevens.

Jason walked into my office, looking politely puzzled. "What's going on? Miss Hastings said something about Uncle Red." he inquired.  I sighed, and said, " Honestly, I don't know.  We found another folder, and we believe it was from Red. Here. We haven't opened it yet."  I gave the folder to Jason, and he opened it. A tape fell out. " Well, let's see what Red has to say now." He handed the tape to Miss Hastings, who put it into the VCR. Red Stevens' face appeared on the television. "Jason. I know that you thought that this Ultimate Gift business was over. Believe me, so did I, until I thought of forgiveness.  Just like you, I went through these twelve gifts. I also learned another gift after I was done. Now, I want you to learn the same thing. This last gift is the Gift of Forgiveness.  Through this month, whichever it may be, I want you to find every person who did something bad to you in your life, and find a way to forgive them.  Believe me, when you forgive , you feel better... I wish you luck, Jason."

to be continued...


                  When one is hurt emotionally or physically, one must forgive, such is the phrase "forgive and forget."


I thought the Ultimate Gift with my friend Red Stevens was done and over with.  That is,until I and Miss Hastings were searching through the storage room , and found another folder labeled, 'my final gift.'  I looked at it for a few moments, sighed, and told Miss Hastings to call Red's nephew, Jaon Stevens.

Jason walked into my office, looking politely puzzled. "What's going on? Miss Hastings said something about Uncle Red." he inquired.  I sighed, and said, " Honestly, I don't know.  We found another folder, and we believe it was from Red. Here. We haven't opened it yet."  I gave the folder to Jason, and he opened it. A tape fell out. " Well, let's see what Red has to say now." He handed the tape to Miss Hastings, who put it into the VCR. Red Stevens' face appeared on the television. "Jason. I know that you thought that this Ultimate Gift business was over. Believe me, so did I, until I thought of forgiveness.  Just like you, I went through these twelve gifts. I also learned another gift after I was done. Now, I want you to learn the same thing. This last gift is the Gift of Forgiveness.  Through this month, whichever it may be, I want you to find every person who did something bad to you in your life, and find a way to forgive them.  Believe me, when you forgive , you feel better... I wish you luck, Jason."

to be continued...

   Five years later, Jason had about 18 constructed orphan shelters around the country.  Every time he got a lot of money he gave about 3/4 of it away to charity.  Jason is married and had two children. Jason still talks to Mr. Hamilton and Ms. Hastings every week. TO BE CONTINUED

   I think the 13th gift should be the gift of happiness.  This is an important gift to learn.  It will teach Jason how to be happy and how to make other people happy.

   In this gift Jason should have to find 5 people and make their lives happier.  Helping them by giving money.  Or helping children who have parents that don't believe in them and helping people to make their dreams some true.

   Jason would learn that making people happy will make him happy and will learn that it will make you feel better when they don't feel good.



                                   Family is important to me

They help me get the things I need

I love all of my family

My family loves me too

I think family is important




Jason learned that family helped him with his problems

Red always sheltered him

From his own problems

Jason never dealt with his own problems

Red dealt them with



In my family my mom and dad care a lot

Also my grandma and grandpa care for me

They don’t like to see me hurt

They all like to help me a lot.

Sometimes they help me too much









                                            By: Kayla                                                                                                                                    


In the valleys,

Where jewels hide,

You will not become,

Rich or famous because,

Of these jewels,

But the best,

You shall find,

Is a friend.



Jason has learned,

The meaning of,

This gift.

Jason has learned,

That to be a friend,

It is not to hangout with this person,

But to do something extraordinary for,



 I have learned,

This gift is the best.

For I have a friend who,

Goes out of her way to,

Make me happy.

And for that I thank-you,





Friends is a wonderful gift in the world

Whenever you have problems, a friend will help you

A friend won’t make you rich it’ll make you happy

So be happy with this wonderful gift


Young Jason learned the gift of friends

He didn’t know what friends was really about

Young Jason learned that friends is are really important in your lives

Young Jason learned to be and have a friend

So now young Jason knows what friends/friendship

And he’s happy


I think friendship/friends is a wonderful gift if I was Jason

I have two friends that help me, trust me, and make me happy all the time

For this two friend I thank………….

Darlena and Kayla


By Shelleney

            My gift is friends

            They’re there so you can depend on them

             If they’re not there

            Then there’s no one that cares.

            That is the gift I have chosen.


            In the book, Red Stevens

            Was Jason’s good friend and uncle

            Because he helped even

            Out Jason’s problems.

            That’s what Jason learned from the gift.


            The gift relates to me by

            Having people that are there for me.

            Most of my friends don’t lie

            To me because I respect them

            Because some time I depend on them.


BY. Alfred


A great gift would be money,                                                       

You could also help people that don’t have money,

You could also give it to people that can’t afford presents,     

Money is basically the currency at everyplace,

Finally, if you get money, make sure you use it on something nice


Money meant many things to Jason,

Jason learned that people could have tough times with money,

He also learned that sometimes he should lend a hand with money,

Also he learned that people are having tougher times with money than him,

Finally, you shouldn’t be so selfish with your money


This is what money means to me,

I guess it’s ok to leave some money to your-self,

Buy you shouldn’t leave too much money,

That was what money meant to me,

So… what does money mean to you?  


BY. Aldin

   In 2005, years after getting the ultimate gift, Jason plans to go to his friend's birthday.  He gets him an Xbox 360 and a fake lottery ticket.  His friend scraches the fake lottery ticket.  After he sees he won 1,000,000 dollars he freaks out, but Jason won't tell him its a fake.  After he sees the Xbox 360 he runs out side chearing, but a truck comes and nearly misses him.  He goes back in and the fake lottery ticket flies out the window he chases it and a semi truck comes and ripes him in half.  Jason keeps the Xbox 360.  A month later, he gets his jaw shot off by his ex-girlfreind for not giving her the money.  Jason bleeds to death.

   Jason took a deep breath. It had been 10 years since he had recieved the ultimate gift. He rememberedhow he felt when Mr. Hamilton read to him what the ultimate gift was. After that, he had helped all the people he could find. He bought stuff for all of the organizations that he was now in charge of. He even started many new ones. Infact, he was at the airport now waiting to spread the ultimate gift around Africa.

   Then a voice came over the loud speaker. It was saying,"First call for Brazzaville, Congo. Your plane is ready for loading."

   Jason grabbed his bags and his ticket and walked to where he was to board the plane. Before he got on, he looked around. He wasn't going to see this place for at least another year. He would not only be setting up a new organization, but he would also be picking someone to take through the year long process of the ultimate gift. He thought about all this as he boarded the plane.

   As the plane flew, Jason drifted off to sleep.  When he woke, the flight attendant said,"you woke just in time. We are just about to land." 

   He looked around at the other passengers and noticed an african boy sitting with his mother right across from him. This little boy said," I am glad to be going back. I bet that they've missed me. They most likely have been bored in my absense. They might have even been jealous because thay all were too poor to travel to another country!"

   Jason got an idea. He kindly said," Young man, how would you like to get the ultimate gift? I usually would give it to a relative, but I have no children, neices, or nephews. You seem like the kind that needs the ultimate gift. There are 12 other gifts that go along with it, and each gift has a task that you must do so that you can enjoy the gifts to their fullest potential. This is a year long process. At the end of the year you will recieve the ultimate gift. However, if you fail any of these tasks you will not get the ultimate gift."

   "Well, it seems interesting. I do like gifts, and the more you have, the more people want to be around you. I think that I will accept your offer."

   " Good. I'm glad. I will give you the details about the first gift tomorrow." answered Jason with a smile.   

The gift of laughter was the 7th gift. People should laugh at themselves.  The blind guy couldn't see,but had a sence of humor.  The magazine joke. Clowns make people laugh.

   The gift of laughter was the 7th gift. People should laugh at themselves.  The blind guy couldn't see, but had a sense of humor.  The magazine joke was where the blind guy was sitting on a magazine and turned the page. Clowns make people laugh.  Jason learned to laugh at himself.

Money is important cause you can buy things with it . IF you didn't have money  you could not buy things. Money has pictures of presidents. Money can be given to Charitiescrap.Rich people  can buy things  with their money.Money is important asg

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