Children being forced into war.

Title: Tanning Addicition

you can be addicited to tanning?
The new topic is Oil Dependence/Prices/ started over at Mr. Tasich's site here.

Read what's already been said, and then here to continue.  Feel free to take part in the discussion.
Monday:  Dicuss gift package for Michael.  Return Econ Tests.  Begin Environment/Population Unit  Homework:  Global Environmental Problems:  Graphic Organizer

Tuesday:  Notes:  Global Environmental Problems

Wednesday:  Reading:  The Environment & Economic Development, Talking to the Text

Thursday:  In Class:  The Lifeboat Scenario.  Homework:  Population Reading

Friday:  Notes:  Population
Read this article from about a proposed wind farm in Texas.

Is the human need for alternative energy greater than the possible danger to migrating birds?

Should this farm be built? 

What does an article like this tell us about the relationship between people and their environment?
1)  What aspects of American life seemed most positive for Peter & Santino

2)  What aspects of American life seemed most negative?

3)  What do you think Peter would have done with $1 million?  What would you do?

4)  Who do you think was better off in American?  Why?

These are due tomorrow.
Read the story of John Deng Langbany, a "Lost Boy" from Sudan.  Write a brief reaction to what you have read.  Does this story change your perception of difficulties in your own life?
Monday:  Econ Test, Intro Sudan Issues
Tuesday:  Film, The Lost Boys of Sudan
Wednesday: Conclude film.  Homework:  Questions from Movie
Thursday: Roundtable Discussion
Friday: Videoconference with Michael Kuch
This Free Press article hits on the globalization of the auto industry.
More Trade
Even more trade...
Trade Notes
Intro to Econ Notes
Notes & Vocabulary
Iran threatens military action against Israel.
Title: Holocust Rememberance


I think its a great article that reminds us of the horrific event that occured. Its very educational.
Read this article from the Detroit News.

Do you think children should expect help from their parents after graduation of high school/college?  Do you think its right for parents to offer this financial assistance?

Do you expect to receive financial help from your parents long after graduation? 

Right now I'm in the middle of a "The World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman.  This is the story of how the world has 'flattened' in the author's mind.  Taking us from a world where America was the sole economic superpower, to one in which India and China and other developing nations are pushing us like never before.

If you're at all interested in what we've been talking about in class lately, from economics to terrorism, this book might be for you.

(I will read a bit from this book tomorrow during class)
Go to Sheereen S. (6th Hour) and Adam R. (5th Hour) for collecting the most internationally-made products.  Adam topped out at over 160 items while Sheereen came in at 139.  Very impressive!
Read this article on gas prices from
(The entire article is quite long.  Definitely read the first page.  Continue if you're interested.)

What, according to the article, causes gas prices to rise and fall?

Add anything else you found interesting in the article.

Has your family changed their driving habits lately?  Would even higher prices do that in the future?
A new suicide bombing in Tel Aviv makes the peace process look even more doubtful.
Kid Who's Call Was Ignored...Now he's living without a mother

What consequences should the 911 operator face?  What compensation does the family deserve?  Why do you think an incident like this took place?
A short article about the rising gas prices we're seeing.
Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him?

-Sorry for the slow blog lately, Mikey.
Read this article about planned immigrant protests for Monday. 

What gives these people the right to protest in this manner?
Do you agree with the protesters?  What do you think should be done to solve the illegal immigrant situation?
Monday:  Responding to Terrorism:  PBS Frontline film.  How did the Federal Government respond to the 9/11 attacks.

Tuesday:  Discussion/Notes:  Responding to Terrorism

Wednesday:  Review for Test

Thursday:  Terrorism Unit Test

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Be sure to check in over the break for some extra credit chances!
Post any reaction to the film here.  Questions?  Comments? 
Read this article from the Detroit Free Press about parents possibly being held responsible for their children's delinquent behavior. 

Do you think that parents should be punished for their children's actions?  Would you support a law like this in Sterling Heights/Utica/Shelby?
Be sure to explain your reasoning.
Monday:  Notes/Discussion:  The Rise of Religious Terrorism
Tuesday:  Video:  9/11  Homework:  Al Qaeda & 9/11 (Due Thursday)
Wednesday:  Finish 9/11 Video. 
Thursday:  Notes/Discussion:  Al Qaeda & 9/11
Friday:  In class reading:  Responding to Terrorism
Title: Local Teen Plans to "shoot up school"

questions to think about

Do you think if this child was of middle easten decent would he be treated different?

Do you think this child should get  harsher punishment or less harsh?

That's 10 Points for Courtney.  Keep them coming for next week's contest!

Read this article about a controversial new plan for high school students in Florida. Do you agree with this plan? Do you think Michigan should adopt a similar program?
A recent report from the Pentagon revealed that what major nation offered Iraq information on the American military prior to the beginning of the war in March of 2003? The first correct response with a link to the story you found the information will receive 5 points extra credit!
If you've lost the map you received in class, use this map to study for the test.
Persian Gulf War
Notes, Arab Israeli Crisis, the Peace Process
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The test tomorrow will consist of 40 Scantron questions (Map, Notes, Intro to Religion Worksheet)

There will also be 6 short answer questions of which you must choose 5 to answer.  These can be on anything discussed/presented during the Middle East Unit.

If you are missing any notes, they can be found in the "Class Notes Section" of this website-link on the right.

Study hard, good luck!


(Alyssa's contribution was chosen out of the 11 that were submitted in the last week.) 

Over at Mr. Tasich's site.  Current topic include:  How to look at history and Oil Prices & Economics

Feel free to add your two cents....not necessarily every comment you make will get a response from one of us or another student, but your ideas will certainly add to the discussion.

Monday:  Video:  Company of soldiers

Tuesday:  Complete: A Company of Soldiers.  HW:  Questions from Film

Wednesday:  Iran Reading/Discussion

Thursday:  Review for Middle East Test

Friday: Middle East Test

Read this article from on the three year anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After reading, and from what you've heard in and out of class, do you think it was wise for America to remove Saddam Hussein's regime (government) in Iraq?  Give supporting reasons.

You can't say our military isn't on the cutting edge....This could give new meaning to being a fly on a wall.
Who is the current President of Iraq?  When did he take office?
From class today, you learned that "Promises" was nominated for the 2002 Academy Award for Best Documentary.  What film won that award?

5 points extra credit to the first correct response.  Good luck!
After seeing the entire film and the extras, do you think there was any Pro-Palesinian or Pro-Israeli bias in the movie?  Or, did the film seem to fairly present both sides? 
-Interesting article on whether the Loch Ness monster is an elephant or not.

I had some great student contributions this week, but the winning entry goes to Matt A. from my 3rd hour class with this article which may hold the secret to the infamous Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

In addition to the pride he must feel to be the winner this week, Matt will also receive 10 extra credit points!  Keep them coming, another winner will be chosen for next week!

Mr Tasich, the Global Issues teacher from Shelby Junior High, and I have been having a small debate on his weblog about the use of force against terrorists since September 11th.  I know we haven't started our unit on terrorism yet, but you still may find some of the conversation interesting. 

Feel free to post any comments on his site as well (same rules as here apply) but if you do, please include that you're from Jeannette after your name (First name, last initial.)  Who knows, maybe we'll see some Shelby students popping in here.


Monday:  "Promises"  Where are they now?

Tuesday:  Iraq History to the Persian Gulf War Reading/Talking to the Text

Wednesday:  Summarize Readings

Thursday:  Notes/Discussion "Iraq & The Persian Gulf War"  Homework:  Operation Iraqi Freedom Reading/Talking to the Text

Friday:  Notes/Discussion:  Operation Iraqi Freedom

The Week 7 Assignment has changed.  If you've already completed what was posted on Sunday night, you do not need to do this.

During the Oscar segment of the movie, there is a mention of a 60 Minutes II story about the "Promises" kids.  Sanabel felt that her feelings and statements were misrepresented.

Read the 60 Minutes II story.

Does this article change your opinion of any of the kids?  Or your opinion of the movie being optimistic or pessimistic?


Due to a problem with checking my school e-mail from home, I will not be posting this week's student contribution until tomorrow morning.  Please check in tomorrow to see if you've won.  For those that haven't contributed yet, give it a shot-ten points are on the line!