Hi Class!

I have been talking with Mrs. Johnson and she told me how hard you have been working with her.  I am so proud of you.  You are a great class.  I am doing alright.  I am not suppose to do much, so my days include watching a lot of Dora the Explorer with Carter.  I am learning so much Spanish from Dora that maybe I can teach you Spanish instead of French (just kidding).  March is reading month and I hear there are a lot of exciting things going on at Columbiaville to celebrate reading.  How are you doing with Accelerated Reader?  I hope that your fantasy stories are going well.  Email me and tell me about your story.  I would love to hear about them and I can't wait to read them.  I changed our class blog a little bit.  Do you like it?  Be sure to respond back.  I will talk to you soon.

Mrs. Wright

Thank you so much for your emails!  It really made my day, because I miss seeing all of your smiling faces.  I'm looking forward to coming in on Wednesday.   Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to Jacob tomorrow - February 14.

See you Wednesday.

Mrs. Wright

Hi Class!

I hope that everything is going well.  I miss you all.  I heard that Cody broke his arm.  I hope that he is o.k.  I haven't been doing too much.  My doctor says that I have to stay at home and rest.  How are your realistic fiction stories coming?  You will be beginning to write fantasy stories next week.  Also, I would like you to get your penpal letters finished and turned in to Mrs. Johnson so she can mail them.  Jonathan Rand is coming next week.  I bet a lot of you are excited to see him.  I will be coming in on Wednesday right after lunch to visit and give you your Valentine's gifts.  Write me back and tell me how things are going.

Talk to you soon.

Mrs. Wright

Dear Parents:

I just wanted to let you know that my doctor has taken me off of work until the baby is born.  I am having a hard time controlling my blood pressure, and she feels it is too risky to return to work.  I am really going to miss all of my students while I am out, but I know they are in great hands with Mrs. Johnson.  She is a wonderful teacher and person.

I would like to keep in contact with you and your child through the blog.  So please check it often (www.visitmyclass.com/blogs/wright05). 

Just a reminder that Monday is the third grade roller skating trip.  Please make sure your permission slips are turned in.  Jonathan Rand, author of Michigan Chillers and American Chillers, is coming on February 15.  Mrs. Johnson will send home a list of all the students’ names, so your child can fill out his/her Valentine’s Day cards.  The cards will be passed out on Tuesday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me, twright@lakevilleschools.com.  Also, remember to check the class blog.

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers,

Dear Parents:

I am sure that most of you are aware that I have missed the majority of school this week.  My doctor has put me on bed rest for the remainder of this week and Monday and Tuesday.  I am having problems with high blood pressure and my doctor is running tests on me.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday where I will be reevaluated and hopefully be able to return to school on Wednesday.  If you need to get into contact with me I am checking my email (twright@lakevilleschools.com).

I sent home a paper on Monday that had a reading score for your child.  This score was configured by your child taking a STAR reading test to get them ready to begin accelerated reader.  This score gives them a reading range of books to pick from the library.  These tests are not 100% accurate.  A lot of factors come into play, such as the test is timed.  If a student doesn’t answer a question in a certain amount of time, the computer skips the question assuming the child does not know the answer.  More accurate reading tests are the ones I do in class individually with the student, such as the DRA and running records.  If your child was at level for reading on his/her report card, but this test suggested something else please go by the report card.   If you have any questions, please email me.

Accelerated reader is an additional motivator where students read books at their level and take a test on the computer after the book is read.  If the students pass the tests, then he/she earns points.  The more difficult the test, the more points the student will earn.  I told each child to think about their own reading goal (How many points do they want to earn this marking period?)  We will have awards at the end of the marking period for those students who have reached their personal goal.  Each student that has met his/her goal will get to participate in a build-your-own ice cream sundae party.  Other awards will be:

  • Student Who Earned the Most Points
  • Student Who Beat His/Her Goal By Most Points
  • Student Who Read the Most Genres

 Have a great weekend, and hopefully I will be back by Wednesday.


Today is the last day in the second marking and first semester.  It is hard to believe that the school year is already half way over.  There will be no school for students on Monday.  Report cards should be going home either Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  Since we do not have scheduled conferences this marking period, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me so we can set up a meeting.

 In the second marking period we will be focusing on multiplication in math.  If your child has not mastered subtraction, he/she will still continue with weekly subtraction facts tests. 

 I have had some questions about what my plans are for maternity leave.  The baby is due March 30 (which is during spring break).  If all goes according to plan, I will begin my leave the week the students return from break.  I will take six weeks which will put me back to school in the middle of May to finish out the school year.  My substitute teacher will be Mrs. Johnson.  She has subbed and done various volunteer work in our class, so the students already know her.  She taught third grade at Southwest Elementary for many years.   I have every confidence that it will be a smooth transition.

 Our outline for next week is:

Reading Workshop – Inquiry of the fantasy genre

Writing Workshop – Realistic Fiction (writing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person)

Math – Subtraction with regrouping/Beginning multiplication

Science – Matter

Spelling – Skills/Strategies for Unit 5

Social Studies – Environment

Have a great weekend!

 Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Dear Parents:


We had a parent meeting this morning to plan for our Christmas party.  The Christmas party will be on Friday, December 16 from 2:00-3:15.  The students will still have school the following Monday and Tuesday.  We are asking that each student bring in a $3-5 gift for a boy or girl (boys will buy for boys, girls will buy for girls).  If you would like to bring in a snack for the party or would like to volunteer your time, please let me know.


There will be a math test tomorrow on congruent/similar, translations/rotations/reflections, symmetry, perimeter, area, and volume.  Your child will be home a study guide flip book that he/she made during this unit and his/her math book.  Please use those to study with your child.


There is no school on Friday due to teacher professional development.


Also, tomorrow is the last day for the Secret Santa Shop. 


Have a great evening!



December 1, 2005


Dear Parents,


Your child is bringing home their Flat Stanley letter.  To save on time, I am asking that you edit this letter with your child.  The letter should have 3 paragraphs (they should also indent):


  • Tell about the story (short summary)
  • Tell how you made Flat Stanley
  • Ask your family member (or friend) to take Stanley on an adventure.  Ask to take pictures and to write you a letter back.  Their letter will be mailed to the school.


I will also be sending a letter to accompany your child’s letter giving information about the Flat Stanley project and address to Columbiaville Elementary.  We will write our final copies tomorrow.  Thank you for your help.


Tomorrow we will be going over to the middle school to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  We are going at 1:45 and will be back just in time to go home.


We will be going to Santa’s Secret shot next week Monday – Thursday at 2:00 p.m.


Have a good evening!

Mrs. Trisha Wright

November 18, 2005


Dear Parents,


There has been change in the calendar.  Students will be off Friday, December 9, 2005 instead of December 2.  This is due to the Snow White performance on Friday, December 2.


Auditions for the Snow White performance is on Monday, November 28 from 4:15 – 6:16 in the Middle School Gym.  There will be about 50-60 kids from grades k-12 to perform in the play.


Please work with your child on missed spelling words and subtraction facts on a daily basis.  It is in our third grade curriculum that your child should pass 100 subtraction problems in 7 minutes.


The weather is getting colder.  Please make sure that your child wears a heavy coat, hat, gloves, and boots.


We only have three days next week.  Here is our outline:


Reading Workshop: Retelling realistic fiction stories

Writing Workshop – writing leads and endings in a narrative story (we are also writing letters to our Virginia pen pals.)

Spelling – word preview for chapter 4

Math – symmetry, perimeter, and area
Social Studies – Thanksgiving activities

Science – reptiles

We finished reading the chapter book Flat Stanley this week.  Next week we will be working on making our own Flat Stanley and making him flat.  Please have mailing addresses ready after Thanksgiving break.


Have a great weekend!

The students are scheduled to have Friday, December 2, 2005 off of school.  There is a change due to the Snow White production.  The students will have school on the 2nd but will be off Friday, December 9, 2005 instead.

Read for 20 minutes.  Teach your parents about translation, reflection, and rotation using your geometry paper.

November 10, 2005


Dear Parents:


I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me during conferences.  If you would like to set up another conference or if you missed your conference, please contact me so we can arrange a date and time.


There will be no school tomorrow due to parent/teacher conferences.


I am sending home a December book order.  If you would like to order a book for your child, please send it back to me by Wednesday, November 23.


Next week for Read Aloud we are going to start our Flat Stanley project.  Flat Stanley is a book by Jeff Brown.  Stanley Lamchop has an unfortunate accident of a bulletin board crashing on him and making him flat.  We will read about the adventure he has as being flat.  Then we will create our own Stanley and send him off on an adventure.  We will mail our Stanley to a relative or friend who lives far away from us.  The students will ask that the friend or family member take Stanley with them to places and keep a journal (and take pictures) of what they do together.  We will ask that they mail us back Stanley’s adventure.  Please think of a friend or family member that your child can send his Flat Stanley to. Your child will need the address. We won’t be mailing them out until after Thanksgiving.  I will send more information as we are doing the project.  If you are interested in seeing how other schools have done the Flat Stanley project, you can visit www.flatstanley.com.


Here is the outline for next week:

Writing Workshop – personal narrative writing (character development, writing a lead, and an ending).

Readers Workshop – realistic fiction (questioning and making connections)

Spelling –Skill working on long a, long i, and long o (Test Wednesday)

Math – Geometry (congruent, similar, translations, reflections, rotations, symmetry, area, perimeter, and volume)

Science – reptiles

Social Studies – land forms


Have a great 3 day weekend!

Mrs. Trisha Wright


Read for 20 minutes today and tomorrow.  Make long a words with your cut out letters.
I hope that all of you had a great weekend.  There will be no school on Friday.  Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday.  We only have 10 minutes to meet.  It is a good idea for you to write down any questions that you may have for me.  You will be given your child's report card on the night of your meeting.  If you would like more time to meet, we can always schedule another conference at a later date.  I look forward to meeting with all of you.
Read for 20 minutes.
Read tonight and tomorrow night.  Reading logs due Monday.

October 27, 2005


Dear Parents,


Just a reminder that our Halloween party will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Monday and last until 3:30.


I am sending home your child’s Words to Learn sheet along with the dictation test.  Please have your child write the Words to Learn in his/her spelling dictionary in the spelling folder that is kept at home. The dictation test will be sent home on Monday and any missed words should also be put in the spelling dictionary.


Next Tuesday all of the third grade teachers have a workshop at the school.  Your child will have a sub, but I will be in the building.


Reading logs are due on Monday.  The minimum goal is 400 minutes for the month.  The top three readers get a prize each month.  Each student that meets the 400 minute goal will receive a free personal pizza certificate from Pizza Hut.


Today is the last day of the first marking period.  Monday begins the second marking period.

Here is next weeks’ outline:

Reading Workshop – Comprehension Strategy – Questioning

Writing Workshop – Narrative writing (ask your child about his/her story)

Math – Geometry – Review Tuesday and Wednesday; Test Thursday

Spelling – Begin Unit 3

Science – More with amphibians

Social Studies – Continue with communities


Have a great weekend,

Read for 20 minutes.

Read amphibians book to parents.

Dictation test tomorrow.

Read for 20 minutes.

Take-home task for spelling (Test Tomorrow)

Math P23-4 (if not finished in class)

Read for 20 minutes.


Dear Parents,


What a week!  We have been busy working on our writing prompt that must be completed every marking period.  This topic was “The funniest thing that ever happened to me…”  The students went through the five stages of the writing process.  I also introduced the 6 point rubric that is used to score the writing.  I will share all of that with you at conference time.


Speaking of conferences, make sure you send in the red note to schedule an appointment.  I would like to have an opportunity to meet with each of you.


The students have no school on this Friday due to professional development and teacher work day.


The Halloween party will be on Monday, October 31 beginning at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Please remember, there are no costumes!  If you wish to send in a special treat for the party, please send me a note by Wednesday.  Your child is encouraged to bring in a bag of candy to pass out to the class.  We have a group of parents who are planning the party.  If you would like to volunteer that day, please let me know.


We went to the fire hall today and listened to a fireman give a demonstration.  We also had our movie and popcorn party, because our class raised the most money out of the third grades for hurricane relief.  We raised $285.67.


Here is an outline for next week:

Reading Workshop – Making Connections

Writing Workshop – Narrative writing

Spelling – Test Tuesday (Dictation Test on Wednesday)

Science – Frogs

Social Studies communities

Math – Geometry (polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals)


Have a good weekend.

Read for 20 minutes. 

Problem of the Evening.

 Spelling test is postponed until Tuesday.

Callie cuts out 4 paper dolls.  Logan cuts out 5 paper dolls.  How many more paper dolls do they need to cut out to have 12 paper dolls?

October 14, 2005


Dear Parents:

I am happy to say that the MEAP is over!  Thank you for having your child here on time.  The students worked very hard.  We are ready to get back to “normal” on Monday.


Here is our outline for next week:

Reading Workshop – comprehension strategy study – Making Connections.  We will be working on making text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections for the rest of this month.


Writing Workshop – We will begin our narrative writing cycle.


Spelling – continue with Unit 2.  Our cloze/skill test will be on Friday.


Science – amphibians (frogs, toads, and salamanders)


Math – geometry and adding and subtracting numbers


Social Studies – communities.


Our Halloween party will be on Monday, October 31, 2005 from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.  We are not allowed to wear a costume, but we have lots of fun activities planned.


I am looking for a karaoke machine to use in class.  It will be used when students read their writing to the class.  Some kids read so quiet that others find it hard to hear.  Please let me know if you have a karaoke machine to donate this year or if you have one for sale.


Have a great weekend!


Read for 20 minutes.

Read for 20 minutes.

Practice Spelling in notebook.

Chris has 10 cats.  If 6 of the cats are black, could 5 of them be gray?  Why or why not?

Read for 20 minutes.

Answer Problem of the Evening.

Turn in conference form.

There are several parents who are organizing the Halloween party for us.  The party will be on Monday, October 31, 2005 from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.  If you would like to volunteer that day, please let me know.

All of you are very smart and we all have different talents that make us unique.  What are you best at?

Read for 20 minutes.
Read for 20 minutes; Look at Math review; Math test tomorrow

Read for 20 minutes.

Individual math homework (based upon what was missed in today's math lesson)

Math Test on Friday

Write this number in expanded form:    5,346

Read for 20 minutes.

Practice Spelling.

Problem of the Evening (website)

We have been taking the MEAP test now for over a week.  What is your opinion of the MEAP test?

Dear Parents and Third Graders:

Welcome to our third grade blog.  A blog is similar to a website, but it is interactive.  This means that we can communicate with each other by typing in messages, publishing our writing, or responding to other's writing.  I will keep our blog updated every day with homework assignments.  Twice a week I will post a problem under the Problem of the Evening category.  Once a week I will post a question under the Class Discussion category. When your child posts a response, please make sure he/she only puts in his/her first name.  All responses will be sent to my email first before they are approved.  If you do not have access to a computer at home, class time will be given to those students to complete blog assisgnments.  I will also be posting all of the parent letters that I send home on Fridays.  Please check this site often.  It will serve as a great communication tool for us.